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PAST HUNG : Sail Away Hunt (05.-26.June)


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  • Name of Hunt : Sail Away Hunt
  • Duration : Already over !


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About the "Sail Away Hunt" :

In the middle of the ocean, an old captain and his sailor are trying to get their sailboat through the wild waves. The captain takes his binoculars to see things closer. His eyes glide over the water, the salty waves are splashing in his face, and far away he can see the coastline with a few beach cottages of his hometown. Once more he thinks it is a breathtaking view of seagulls flying over the water, and even the big lighthouse is looking so tiny compared to the big wild ocean.

While he navigates his ship in the direction of his harbor, he can feel the water is calming down slowly as the sun is rising up in the sky.

As soon as they run into port, a lovely girl runs towards the ship, her blue and white striped skirt is swinging with the wind. The young sailor jumps excitedly off the ship and takes his girl into his arms. He missed her so much, finally they are together again.

Once home, the old captain sits down in his cozy rocking chair on the veranda, rolls up the sleeves and cuffs of his white marine outfits and puts his pipe into his mouth. He smells the salty water, the fish and the sea grass. His glance falls on two shells that have been hiding in the sand next to his chair. He bends his weary bones to these wonderful shells in order to pick them up. He will save those and give them to his grandchildren.

And his gaze slides back to the sea, where his true love is waiting for him - his ship ! Longingly he looks out to the open sea and he hardly can wait to climb back to his ship and to start his next journey. Ship ahoy!

Sail and dream away with us to a world of water, sand, ships and shells and create a marine themed item. All type of designers are welcome to join us on this wonderful journey of white and blue !


                  Happy Hunting !

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