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PAST HUNT : Grab Your Eggs Before They Poof Hunt (06.-27.April)


Fi's Hunts Presents :

  • Name of Hunt :                                   Grab Your Eggs Before They Poof Hunt
  • Duration : Already over !


Hints, store SURLs & Gift Pictures :

Please click HERE for the full hunt path !


About the "Grab Your Eggs Before They Poof Hunt" :

Each merchant is going to hide 5 easter eggs, maximum 10 eggs per store. Each egg contains one hunt gift. As you can see, many many wonderful hunt gifts are waiting for you !

But our easter eggs are special ! From time to time they just disapear !
That's why our hunters have to hurry to grab the eggs before they disapear, or they need to have patience to wait until they come back !

We are going to post all hints, the SURLs, hunt gift pictures and the amount of hidden eggs per store on our website : There will be no hints on the poster for this hunt (because each store has to provide 5-10 hints). Hunters are getting their Hunt Gifts and LM to the next location in folders !

All you need to do is to seach for our hunt object (sample is shown on each poster) and receive beautiful hunt gifts created by wonderful designer !


                  Happy Hunting !

- Your Fi's Hunts Organization Team -




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