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The Do The Dot Hunt (10th - 31st August)


Fi's Hunts Presents :




  • NAME OF THE HUNT :    The Do The Dot Hunt
  • HUNT DURATION :          10.August - 31.August 2014
  • Free and Gridwide Hunt
  • Sponsor Spots will be placed on top positions of the hunt path, first comes, first serves 
  • PG/M/A accepted



Hunt Theme :

About  "The Do The Dot Hunt" :

Big or tiny, colorful or black and white, many or few, we all love dots! They have something playful, happy and innocent and still can be very stylish. They fit everywhere, in our fashion, our furniture and decoration.

So "Do The Dot" and cheer your creation up!


       Happy Hunting !

- Your Organization Team -




Fi's Hunts Organization Team :

Fiona Scorfield and Amy Lombardia


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